The Nude

Welcome to Week 11! In Module 10, "Texture and Directing the Eye" we looked at the relationship between shape, tonal value and texture. We also played with emphasis, directing the viewer's eye to particular sections of the work. Now we will do a crit for E10 in the forum post.  

The topic of Module 11 is "The Nude." Ideally, we would be working from life, honing our skills with sight measuring. Online, we will be working from images of models, which is a strikingly different experience, but I want you to have some introduction to the full human form this term, so we will be resourceful.



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Candace Couse

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Module 11 Tasks

  1. Read: "The Nude" Lecture(LINK)

  2. Do: Exercise #11 (E11)(link)

  3. Do: Module 11 Forum Post (LINK)

  4. Do: Work on FA

Optional Additional Resources

Watch: Art Skills Online, "Figure Drawing: Advice for Beginners"

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