Week 2 - Sept. 21

Module Two

Idea 2

Welcome to Week 2!


It was great reading the forum posts from Module 1. I'm really excited to see what you each come up with this term. This week, I've included a video reply here to your questions. Please feel free to connect with me when more inevitably comes up.


We have an optional meet and greet that I welcome you to join on Wed. the 23rd at 12:00 pm. This will be hosted in the virtual classroom on Blackboard.  

Good luck with your tasks this week. Remember, your Semester Plan is due in Module 3 if you have not handed it in already. While you will want it to feel polished, fully realized, and complete for submission, it is--at the same time--helpful to think of the plan as a living document. I will be helping you make adjustments where needed and there is always room for early exploration and even failure. We can reassess and regroup! 

Home Office

Module 2 Tasks

  1. ​Do: Module 2 Forum Post (Blackboard)

  2. Do: Work on Semester Plan

  3. Do: Studio work/readings

  4. Do: Remember to document your progress this week

Optional Additional Resources



Office C1402B

Candace Couse

Assistant Professor

School of Creative Arts

University of the Fraser Valley