Week 3 - Sept. 28

Module Three

Idea 2

Welcome to Week 3! As you now know, we have an instagram journal/gallery: @ufv_srstudio2021. Luke has suggested that a logo or image for the profile picture would be helpful. If you think you can help us with that, please let us both know. It would be great to foster as much collaboration and investment as possible. If you are submiting works in progress as your image, please be sure to include any helpful information such as medium, title, or size, if known. Luke is also requesting a brief self-description in the first submission that he can draw on for future captions. 


Your Semester Plan is due this week. Remember to submit it by Sunday, Oct.4th, 11:59 pm on Blackboard in a .docx file format (if possible). Keep an eye out for feedback.

Take a moment to check in with your practice. How committed have you been to doing work every week? Is your production falling in line with the expectations you laid out for yourself? What changes might you need to make now to ensure that you are on track? Are you overproducing? If so, check in with how you feel. Is this output level realistic and helpful? Or, are you setting yourself up to burn out? 

Are you actively reading the selections from your semester plan? The effort you put in here will determine how connected your ideas are with existing concepts. When you selected your reading list you made the best guess based on a sort of preliminary grazing. If you pick up a reading and realize that it was a bad selection, put it down and try again with a new choice that feels closer. Note the change in your records. After you have your Semester Plan returned, see if I made a reading recommendation/adjustment in my feedback. If so - please follow through. After reading, ask, Is this choice a good fit? Why or why not? Make some notes on this while ideas are fresh. 


I'm going to try to use Eventbrite to schedule the Research Presentations and the 1-1 meetings. Please only use your UFV contact information and opt-out of subscribing to updates. I'm crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly - otherwise, I'll be in touch.

What will happen in your Individual Consultations? We will be meeting through the Virtual Classroom on Blackboard in Week 4 to discuss what you are working on, your semester plan, and any concerns. Please be prepared to talk about your project in detail and to provide images or show via video any new progress. 

Home Office

Module 3 Tasks

  1. Due: Semester Plan (Blackboard) 

  2. Read: Research Presentation

  3. Watch: Intro to Research Presentation

  4. Sign Up: Individual consultations  

  5. Sign Up: Research Presentation Date 

  6. Do: Work on Semester Plan or Research Presentation

  7. Do: Studio work/readings

  8. Do: Remember to document your progress this week

  9. Do: Submit 1 photo via email to:, Candace.Couse@ufvca  


Images can be of workstation, materials, sketchbooks, readings, etc. Show as much or as little of your project as you like. Include helpful information as needed.



Office C1402B

Candace Couse

Assistant Professor

School of Creative Arts

University of the Fraser Valley

Optional Additional Resources

Call for Submission: Umbrella Projects (Nov. 1)

Call for Submission: Create Magazine (various dates)

Call for Papers: Esse (Jan. 10)

Watch: How to Make a Video in PowerPoint - ppt to video