Measuring and Value

Welcome to Week 5! In Module 4, "Perspective Drawing" we experimented with technical drafting and learned about the history and technique of different forms of perspective. We also dove into a bit more detail about the critique process before embarking on our first critique forum post. MA1 has been submitted and we are now ready for our first major assignment crit in module 5.


If you are still feeling unsure about the critique process, its purpose, or even just curious about what it looks like in a normal classroom environment, check out "Art Professors Explain How to Critique Art" in the "Optional Additional Resources" for this module. Make sure that the feedback you offer in the forum for MA1 is of high quality and an improvement from the feedback you offered last week.

Module 5 is called "Measuring and Value," and we are going to learn how to measure for accuracy using a ruler, as well as how to utilize value to build dimension.  



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Module 5 Tasks

  1. Do: Module 5 Forum Post (LINK)

  2. Read: "Measuring and Value" lectureLINK

  3. Watch: Demo (link)

  4. Watch: "Setting Up A Successful Still Life" by Maria Woodie
  5. Do: Exercise #5 (E5)(link)

  6. Do: Work on MA2

Optional Additional Resources

Watch: The Drawing Database "The Basics: Sighting & Measuring in Drawing"

Watch: (start at 0:55)
Art Prof: Create & Critique "Art Professors Explain How to Critique Art"

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