Week 7 - Oct. 26

Work Period

Idea 2

Welcome to Week 7! In Module 6, "Colour," we explored colour theory. This week, we are participating in a crit, but otherwise, the week is deliberately light to give you some space to really push and develop MA2. In the forum space, you are being asked to post your most successful module exercise from any we have done so far in the term (E2, E3, etc).


Have you been thinking about the feedback you've been given so far from your professor and peers? In what ways do you feel your practice growing? If you don't feel like you are growing, what is your biggest block? How can you move it? Remember to problem solve using your sketchbook. Check out "3 Ways to Use a Sketchbook" in the "Optional Additional Resources" for some inspiration. 

Go back to the lecture on MA2 in Module 4 if you feel unclear about your direction. 

Home Office



Office C1402B

Candace Couse

Assistant Professor

School of Creative Arts

University of the Fraser Valley

Module 7 Tasks

  1. Watch: "The Critique" Lecture

  2. Do: Module 7 Forum Post (Blackboard) 

  3. Do: Work on MA2

Optional Additional Resources