Week 9 - Nov. 9

Tonal Value and Colour

Idea 2

Welcome to Week 9! In Module 8, "Concepts" we thought deeply about how our identities and world views are tied to our personal, social, and institutional positioning. This "situated knowledge" is often the strongest starting point for artistic and conceptual exploration.

So far this term, we have separately explored colour theory and intuitively navigated value. In this module, "Tonal Value and Colour," we will think more technically about tonal value and also combine both, looking at colour and its complex relationship to value. 


We also have a crit this module for MA2. Be thoughtful in your responses. Do you feel like you are gradually improving in your ability to provide quality critical feedback that can help push someone's artistic practice in a meaningful way?

Do you recall how I dropped the module "Measuring and Value," to lighten your coursework this term? If you are keen to learn how to measure for accuracy while drawing from life, please check out the video "Sighting and Measuring in Drawing" in the optional additional resources section at the bottom of the page. 

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Candace Couse

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Module 9 Tasks

  1. Do: Module 9 Forum Post (MA 2 Crit via Blackboard)

  2. Read: "Colour and Tonal Value" Lecture

  3. Watch: Art Tutor, "Understanding Tonal Value & Contrast"

  4. Do: Exercise #9 (E9)

  5. Watch: FA Lecture 

  6. Do: Work on FA

Optional Additional Resources

Read: "Setting Up A Successful Still Life" by Maria Woodie

Watch: The Drawing Database "The Basics: Sighting & Measuring in Drawing"