Week 10 - Nov. 16

Texture and Directing the Eye

Idea 2

Welcome to Week 10! In Module 9, "Tonal Value and Colour" we looked at the complex relationship between tonal shifts, and hue (colour).

This term, we have covered the elements and principals of design, and specifically studied composition, shape, line, value, and colour. We have also studied conceptual concerns and perspective. This week we will cover emphasis (directing the eye), and texture.


Think about the specific choices you've been implementing in your FA. Have you been carefully considering both formal and conceptual concerns?

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Office C1402B

Candace Couse

Assistant Professor

School of Creative Arts

University of the Fraser Valley

Module 10 Tasks

  1. Read: "Texture and Emphasis" Lecture

  2. Read: How to Draw Textures

  3. Watch: Demo

  4. Do: Exercise #10 (E10)

  5. Do: Module 10 Forum Post 

  6. Do: Work on FA

Optional Additional Resources

Watch: IM Artsy, "How to Draw Realistic Skin Texture"

Watch: Art By Ali Haider, "How I Draw Realistic Hair"

Watch: Dan Beardshaw's "How to Draw 10 Textures"