Before continuing, make sure you have already watched the "Texture and Emphasis" lecture for context.


This picture is my demo source image, chosen for "texture" because it shows some great texture in the wrinkled skin and hair. It already offers high contrast, so I know I won't be able to use that too much as MY change to the drawing. So, I'm going to use focus to direct the eye. You must choose your own photo source based on texture and then think through how you will show emphasis

I decided that I would like to direct the viewer's eye to this area. To do that, I'm going to draw the area around this circle softly, and draw the area within the circle tightly.


I spent one hour on this sketch, and I have sped it up 5x to make it a bit more watchable for you. Note the ways I soften some areas. Note the ways I used tonal variation to show texture. Look for the developing sense of emphasis that seeks to draw the viewer's eye.

Here is the final sketch. Can you get a sense of emphasis?

closer 3.jpg

Can you get a sense for texture? Can you spot the softer and tighter parts of the drawing? What technique from the lecture will you use to show a change in emphasis between your source image and the drawing you submit?