The Creative Process

Welcome to Week 1! At this point, you have visited the welcome page to gather a basic introduction to the course. If you have not done this yet, please pause here and return to the Welcome page now. 


Module 1 is titled "The Creative Process" and it is designed to be a gentle entry into the pattern and flow of the course. The goal of this week is to get you familiar with the external class website (this website) as well as Blackboard, where you will frequently post and respond to your peers and professor, take tests and submit work for the duration of the term.

Take a moment to note the layout of the module page. You will see that there are clearly laid out tasks for you to complete. It is important that you follow each task and fully read or watch every resource. Your tests, community posts, and assignments will be graded with the expectation that you have accessed these resources.


You will see that every module contains contact information at the bottom of the page should you need to get in touch with me. Please ensure that you have checked the weekly module AND the detailed course outline for answers to common questions before contacting me. I am available to discuss any questions or concerns that are not already provided for you in the course outline or module. As per the course outline, when emailing, please identify yourself clearly, and write "Introduction to Drawing” in the subject heading. Email messages will be responded to within 48 hrs Mon.-Fri.


Lastly, as per the course introduction resources and course outline, this is your final reminder to not work ahead of the course schedule. Resources will often be uploaded or altered up the week date the module is released on. You will be responsible to complete your tasks as they appear on the date of release.      



Office C1402B

Candace Couse

Assistant Professor

School of Creative Arts

University of the Fraser Valley

Module 1 Tasks

  1. Watch: Ira Glass on the Creative Process. To access the transcript, click on the "more actions" button (3 horizontal dots) located next to the Share button. Click "open transcript"

  2. Read: Lecture on The Elements and Principles of Design

  3. Watch: How to do a formal assessment of an artwork "How to do Visual (Formal) Analysis in Art History" Khan Academy 

  4. Watch: Introduction to materials

  5. Read: Introduction to Major Assignment #1 (MA1)

  6. Do: Exercise #1 (E1)

  7. Do: Forum Post introduction

Optional Additional Resources

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