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Mirror Space

The installation "Mirror Space" uses large-scale embroidery to explore the vulnerabilities of an embodied existence in the doctor-patient relationship. The work presents a spine with threads of bundled nerves, vessels and arteries that are in the process of being pulled away from the column. A second and third layering of the body floats above the table, held in equal tension by the cords of nerves and vessels. A two-way mirror at the foot of the bed and surrounding, rotating mirrors capture the viewer in the scene and confuse the body of the viewer with the body of the subject. 

The work is representative of my draw to labour-intensive methods that speak to the trace of the body over time. The material process of the art uses repetitive actions that are visible through erasure and addition and act as a reference for another body, mine, long after it has relinquished the labour of the work.

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