Art Auction: Priceless

07/24/2014 The Priceless Art Auction event allows Yo-Pro’s to bid with their time, not their dime. Pieces of art are auctioned off to young professionals. The winner of each piece of artwork is the ‘Yo-Pro’ who pledges the most volunteer hours. These hours are worked off a valued participating not-for-profit organizations. Each piece of artwork will hang in the office or building of the sponsors until the volunteer hours are completed. When? July 24, 2014. Where? Ravine Vineyards.

Instructor: Introduction to Digital Photography

07/21/2014 - 08/28/2014 MORE ABOUT THIS COURSE: Principles In Digital Imaging: Digital Cameras And Image Capture; Digital Negatives; Colour Management; Image Adjustment And Enhancement; And Image Output. History Of Photography, Imaging And Critical Analysis Of Visual Culture.

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